Rent information

More information about renting the property on Koningsbeltweg 52 in Almere

Distribution space: € 50.00 per m² per year, excluding VAT.
Office space: € 90.00 per m² per year, excluding VAT.

The rent term is 5 (five) years with a subsequent extension period of 5 (five) years.

The rent has to be paid in advance every quarter.

Rental agreement based on standard rental agreement of the landlord.
Which is based on the standard model of the Council for Real Estate (ROZ), the model used by the landlord.

A bank guarantee to the value of three months rent and service costs, to be increased with VAT.

This will go into consolation.

Service costs can be agreed upon.

The starting point is VAT-taxed rental, therefore all amounts must be increased by the statutory turnover tax. If the tenant does not meet the 90% criterion, there will automatically be a turnover tax exempted rental. In that case the agreed basic rental price, excluding sales tax, will be increased in such a way that the financial loss incurred by the landlord is compensated.

Indexing takes place annually on the basis of the price index figure according to the consumer price index (CPI), CPI series – all households (based on the most recent base year), published by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

The listed information is of a general nature and is no more than an invitation to enter into negotiations. No rights can be derived from the contents of this information. Seller / Landlord explicitly reserves the right of award.