Renting a distribution center in Almere

Renting a distribution centre in Almere

Are you looking for large distribution center in Almere? On Koningsbeltweg 52 is a distribution center available of approx. 6.000 m2. Currently this distribution center is still available and you can rent directly. The building was completed in 2002 and meets all the facilities that you can expect at a company hall.

The dimensions of the building

  • Distribution hall ca. 5.130 m2
  • Office ca. 1.100 m2
  • Outside area ca. 2.850 m²

Facilities Distribution center Koningsbeltweg Almere

  • Staff restaurant
  • 80 parkingspots
  • Free height of 7,6 meter
  • Illuminated outdoor area
  • Reception
  • Fiber optic connection
  • 13 overheaddoors
  • Power current

Ideal location for webshops

Almere is an ideal place for web shops that serve the Dutch or European market. The various important advantages are:


Almere is the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. In comparison with other areas in the Netherlands, enough staff can still be found in Almere.


Almere is strategically located between important logistics hotspots such as Schiphol, the port of Rotterdam, Hamburg and the Ruhr area.

Fiber optic connection

Business area Sallandsekant has superfast fiber optic internet. Not unimportant for webshops!

Owner of this property: M7 Real Estate

M7 Real Estate is a leading European fund, asset and property manager specialized in commercial real estate. M7 Real Estate is currently active in the following countries: UK, Denmark, Germany, Poland, France and the Netherlands. M7 can be an important partner if you want to expand and rent a company hall in other European countries.

Area of the distribution center

The company hall is located on business park “Sallandsekant”, a location suitable for wholesalers and logistics purposes. On the business park there are, among other things, business halls of: PonCat, Bouwmaat, KPN CyberCenter and KAV Truck Rental. In total there are approximately 47 business locations with 1,588 employees.

Other properties of M7 in The Netherlands


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