Almere is the fastest growing city in the Netherlands

Almere is the fastest growing city in the Netherlands

Almere has grown the fastest in the last 20 years in terms of economy, employment and residents. In 2017, Almere, together with Eindhoven, were on the top of the list of the fastest growing economies with an increase with 5%. Almere mainly benefits from the growth of leasing companies. These organisations have opted for Almere for the strategic location in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands grows

The entire Dutch economy also grew last year. The growth comes to over 3 percent, which is considerably more than in previous years. This puts the Netherlands in the top of the fastest growing countries within the EU. In the Netherlands, the province of Flevoland in particular is leading with 4% growth through Almere.

Almere can become the logistics hotspot of the Netherlands

The spearheads of the province of Flevoland are logistics & trade and Lelystad Airport. Almere is positioning itself as a logistics hotspot in the Netherlands. With a population growth of 1.5% per year, Almere remains the fastest growing city for the next years. This is also necessary to continue to meet the workload. Due to the labor shortage at distribution centers in Limburg and Noord-Brabant, the strong population growth makes Almere an increasingly interesting location for logistics companies.

Companies based in Almere

Hocras has been leasing a 15,000 m2 distribution center in Almere since the beginning of 2017. In addition to Hocras, many other organizations have Almere as there business location.

Other companies in Almere:

  • Groothandel Bouwmaat
  • TYC Europe
  • Staples
  • Bunzl
  • KAV
  • Global Internet BV
  • Buzaglo BV
  • Wasco Almere
  • Wins Holland B.V.

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